IN-WOOD utilizes state of the art wood protection technology in combining the highest quality oils with microscopic Trans-Oxide pigments, allowing maximum penetration for long term performance. Trans-Oxide pigments, at approximately .01 micron, are 1/15 the size of standard paint or stain pigments. These Trans-Oxide pigments allow for superior penetration and ultraviolet protection. The UV transmission is reduced to nearly 5% compared to the 50-65% transmission of common pigments found in semitransparent stains.

Inwood Colors


  1. Deep Penetration: Ultra low viscosity allows IN-WOOD to penetrate into pores and micro-openings within the wood.
  2. Repels Water: Exceeds military specification MIL TT-W-572 for water repellency. Prevents damage from water and subsequent effect on fiber breakdown from winter freeze-thaw cycles.
  3. High Solids or Natural: Trans-Oxide colors block out harmful UV rays, preventing degradation of the wood fibers. Natural also contains an ultraviolet absorber to invisibly protect the wood fibers.
  4. High Solids: IN-WOOD’S 40% solids content by volume can be compared to the 5% to 12% solids found in most natural wood preservatives.
  5. Mold Protection: Prevents unsightly discoloration caused by Trichoderma, Gliocladium, and Penicillium surface mold as well as discoloration from green or black mycelia spores.
  6. Sapstain Protection: Prevents discoloration produced from sapstain fungi hyphase which ranges from gray to blue.
  7. Wood Decay Protection: Prevents decay caused by enzymatic decomposition of the cell wall constituents by Chaetomium Globosum, Coniophora Putean and Poria Incrassata fungi.
  8. Resistance to Sulfide Staining: Industrial areas containing sulfide fumes will darken ordinary finishes. IN-WOOD is not affected by sulfide fumes.


In-Wood 1 Gallon
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