ASPEN (Populus tremuloides) has wide sapwood which is whitish to creamy in color, and merges gradually into the heartwood. The heartwood is whitish creamy to light yellowish brown in color. The grain is typically straight. Texture is usually fine and even. Aspen doesn't contain resin, and has toughness as well as exceptional stiffness. The wood resists splitting when nailing or screwing, yet you can work it easily with hand tools because of its softness. It also glues well. Due to the tendency for aspen's wood fibers to fuzz when worked, you need to use tools with sharp blades and cutters. While this wood takes paint readily, it blotches when stained unless you first apply a sealer. For carving, aspen makes a first-rate substitute for basswood. You also can fashion it into light-duty furniture, solid paneling, and millwork. Specific Gravity .37

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Aspen 4/4
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