Quercus rubra

Oak - Red
Oak, Red (H) (Quercus rubra) aka American Northern Red Oak.  Northeastern USA.  Has a pinkish heartwood with biscuit/beige sapwood.  Straight grained with a course texture.  Produces attractive “flecks” when quartersawn as rays in wood become very noticeable.  Takes stains well and polishes to a high luster.  Specific gravity .77

Priced per board foot
Minimum purchase of 10 board feet
4/4'' Red Oak, Curly
SALE PRICE! Good Nov. 8 - Nov. 14, 2011 - Reg. price $4.99/bf
4/4'' Red Oak, FAS, Wide - 10"+
SALE PRICE! Good until May 30,2011 - Reg. price $4.39/bf